Upon entering Westlake Physical Therapy I was very impressed. First I noticed the comfortable waiting area of which I rarely needed to use. Second the quality and the cleanliness of the facility was well above par. All of the equipment seemed to be of the highest quality with a wide variety and all being clean and well maintained. The restrooms were roomy and always clean also well-appointed form the scales, to the hand lotion, right down to the highest quality paper towels I have ever used. Even at the water cooler there were insulated cups. The view of our Conejo Valley from the seemingly endless windows really helped to distract me in almost a meditative state to manage the pain involved with my rehabilitation. On to the staff, Ursula was my first contact. She was inviting and very friendly even though I was not I my best emotional state. From the knowledge of the human anatomy and effort Bernie and Michelle put forth with the seemingly tireless staff of assistants. Each day a friendly “Hello Patrick, how are you feeling today” every day, to at the end of my session, asking if I needed to set an appointment. I truly felt that I was in the right place to heal. I felt like I was just a part of an overall effort to make the best of my bad situation from hobbling in using a walker to 6 months later, taking the stairs coming and going just because I could. I thank you all for your hospitality and all you have done for me.
Best Regards,


I just wanted to thank you for all you and your team did to help me feel better and get back on track with regular physical therapy that I have learned do at home. I found Everyone I had contact with at Westlake physical therapy to be very professional, caring, fun & upbeat.
Warm regards,

Drs. Donna & Graydon Causey

My wife and I have used Westlake Physical Therapy, numerous times over a 12 year period, for a variety of physical difficulties. We can say without reservation, that this group of physical therapists is the most well trained and professional group of therapists we have worked with either directly or indirectly. They have efficiently assisted us in both minor, recovery, and surgery-threatening issues. Without exception, they were able to accurately diagnose and treat our various physical concerns and in several cases help us avoid surgeries. We would recommend these very talented professionals to anyone with physical difficulties.


Bernie’s office is professional, clean, and loaded with competent and fun employees top to bottom. Bernie gives his personal touch to me with every appointment and their office is a big reason my healing has been fast and near complete. He and his staff enjoy their work immensely and they truly care about the well-being of patients. I’ve had many PT experiences over the years, but this is by far the best. I would recommend this office to any of your patients who live in this area.

Douglas S. Dickinson