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Aches & Pains Hotline

  • Have you been waking up with pain? Has it been getting worse?
  • Are you feeling sore from a busy weekend activity?
  • Have you been living with pain and would like help getting some relief?

The Aches & Pains Hotline is here to help you get the answers you need to get rid of those aches and pains and IT’S FREE! Let’s us know what is ailing you and we can advise you what to do to feel better. Our knowledgeable physical therapists can advise you on simple remedies, gentle stretches, posture tips and more. But if they think you could have something more serious they might invite you to come in for a full evaluation and treatment.

If you feel this could help you find some answers or if you know a friend, family member or coworker that could benefit from this service we would love to help. Just send us an email and tell us how we can help you!